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4.1. An overview of the Microcontainer modules

This section introduces the various Microcontainer modules. The figure below gives an overview of the modules.

  • aop-mc-int handles integration between the JBossAOP and Microcontainer projects

  • The container module contains: reflection, the integration point for manipulating class information at runtime, e.g. overriding annotations or obtaining an aop instance advisor. joinpoint, the joinpoint model including the join point factory. classadaptor, the integration and configuration spi. metadata, base metadata types and repository

  • dependency management is handled by the controller. The controller is the core component for keeping track of contexts to make sure the configuration and lifecycle are done in the correct order including dependencies and classloading considerations.

  • deployers load components from various models, POJOs, JMX, spring, Java EE, etc. into the Microcontainer runtime.

  • kernel kernel defines the core kernel spi including, boostrap, configuration, POJO deployments, dependency, events, bean metadata, and bean registry.

  • The managed module defines the base objects defining the management view of a component.

  • The metatype metatype module defines the base types found in the management view of a component.

  • osgi-int contains the integration classes that adapt the OSGi model onto the Microcontainer.

  • spring-int contains the integration classes that adapt the spring model onto the Microcontainer.