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5.19. Endpoint Provider

JAX-WS services typically implement a native Java service endpoint interface (SEI), perhaps mapped from a WSDL port type, either directly or via the use of annotations.

Java SEIs provide a high level Java-centric abstraction that hides the details of converting between Java objects and their XML representations for use in XML-based messages. However, in some cases it is desirable for services to be able to operate at the XML message level. The Provider interface offers an alternative to SEIs and may be implemented by services wishing to work at the XML message level.

A Provider based service instance’s invoke method is called for each message received for the service.

@ServiceMode(value = Service.Mode.PAYLOAD)
public class ProviderBeanPayload implements Provider<Source>
public Source invoke(Source req)
// Access the entire request PAYLOAD and return the response PAYLOAD

Note, Service.Mode.PAYLOAD is the default and does not have to be declared explicitly. You can also use Service.Mode.MESSAGE to access the entire SOAP message (i.e. with MESSAGE the Provider can also see SOAP Headers)