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9.2. JBoss Transactions Java EE 5 Support

In the modern business environment of system consolidations, worldwide utilization, and "always- on" availability, enterprises need distributed transaction processing infrastructure to build reliable, sophisticated business applications that can guarantee absolute completion and accuracy of business processes. Transaction services ensure that sequences of database updates have been accurately and reliably committed as a single complete unit of work or that, in the event of failure, the database information is recovered. "Multimodal Transaction Processing" is the term coined by Gartner to describe the new generation of transactional application required to face the challenges posed by new business requirements, technologies and innovative computing architectures.


"Multimodal transaction processing will emerge. Users' adoption of client/server, the Internet, service-oriented architecture, Web services, mobile and wireless devices, and event-driven architectures means that the next generation of transaction processing applications will have to be implemented in very different ways to respond to new business strategies, including multichannel, the real-time enterprise and business process fusion." Predicts 2004: Prepare for Multimodal Transaction Processing, M. Pezzini, Gartner, 19 December 2003

JBossTS is a middleware solution that supports mission-critical applications in distributed computing environments. It plays a critical role in building reliable, sophisticated e-business applications guaranteeing absolute completion and accuracy of business processes. JBossTS supports "multimodal transaction processing" by enabling reliable transactions to span from front-end e-commerce applications to back office systems and beyond the enterprise firewall to business partners - across any system, anywhere in the world.

Building on the industry proven Java EE 5 transaction technology, version 4.0 adds native support for Web services transactions by providing all of the components necessary to build interoperable, reliable, multi-party, Web services-based applications with the minimum of effort. The product supports the WS-AtomicTransaction and WS-BusinessActivity specifications.