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13.2.1. Special notes on Sybase

Some of the services in JBoss uses null values for the default tables that are created. Sybase Adaptive Server should be configured to allow nulls by default.

            sp_dboption db_name, "allow nulls by default", true

Refer the sybase manuals for more options.

Enable JAVA services

To use any java service like JMS, CMP, timers etc. configured with Sybase, java should be enabled on Sybase Adaptive Server. To do this use:

            sp_configure "enable java",1

Refer to the sybase manuals for more information.

If java is not enabled you might see this exception being thrown when you try to use any of the above services.

com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybSQLException: Cannot run this command because Java services are not enabled. A user with System Administrator (SA) role must reconfigure the system to enable Java

CMP Configuration

To use Container Managed Persistence for user defined Java objects with Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise the java classes should be installed in the database. The system table 'sysxtypes' contains one row for each extended, Java-SQL datatype. This table is only used for Adaptive Servers enabled for Java. Install java classes using the installjava program.

            installjava -f <jar-file-name> -S<sybase-server> -U<super-user> -P<super-pass> -D<db-name>

Refer the installjava manual in Sybase for more options.

Installing Java Classes

  1. You have to be a super-user with required privileges to install java classes.

  2. The jar file you are trying to install should be created without compression.

  3. Java classes that you install and use in the server must be compiled with JDK 1.2.2. If you compile a class with a later JDK, you will be able to install it in the server using the installjava utility, but you will get a java.lang.ClassFormatError exception when you attempt to use the class. This is because Sybase Adaptive Server uses an older JVM internally, and hence requires the java classes to be compiled with the same.