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14.6. Idle Connections

You can configure connections to be closed when they are idle. e.g. If you just had a peak period and now want to reap the unused ones. This is done via the <idle-timeout-minutes/>.

Idle checking is done on a separate "Idle Remover" thread on an LRU (least recently used) basis. The check is done every idle-timeout-minutes divided by 2 for connections unused for idle-timeout-minutes.

The pool itself operates on an MRU (most recently used) basis. This allows the excess connections to be easily identified.

Should closing idle connections cause the pool to fall below the min-pool-size, new/fresh connections are created.


If you have long running transactions and you use interleaving (i.e. don't track-connection-by-tx) make sure the idle timeout is greater than the transaction timeout. When interleaving the connection is returned to the pool for others to use. If however nobody does use it, it would be a candidate for removal before the transaction is committed.