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22.2. Common Configuration Properties

The following common properties are exposed by all of the JGroups protocols discussed below:

  • down_thread whether the protocol should create an internal queue and a queue processing thread (aka the down_thread) for messages passed down from higher layers. The higher layer could be another protocol higher in the stack, or the application itself, if the protocol is the top one on the stack. If true (the default), when a message is passed down from a higher layer, the calling thread places the message in the protocol's queue, and then returns immediately. The protocol's down_thread is responsible for reading messages off the queue, doing whatever protocol-specific processing is required, and passing the message on to the next protocol in the stack.

  • up_thread is conceptually similar to down_thread, but here the queue and thread are for messages received from lower layers in the protocol stack.

Generally speaking, up_thread and down_thread should be set to false.