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22.7.9. Changing the Group Name

The group name for a JGroups channel is configured via the service that starts the channel. Unfortunately, different services use different attribute names for configuring this. For HAPartition and related services configured in the deploy/cluster-service.xml file, this is configured via a PartitionName attribute. For JBoss Cache services, the name of the attribute is ClusterName.

Starting with JBoss AS 4.0.4, for the HAPartition and all the standard JBoss Cache services, we make it easy for you to create unique groups names simply by using the -g (a.k.a. –partition) switch when starting JBoss:

./run.sh -g QAPartition -b -c all

This switch sets the jboss.partition.name system property, which is used as a component in the configuration of the group name in all the standard clustering configuration files. For example,

<attribute name="ClusterName">Tomcat-${jboss.partition.name:Cluster}</attribute>