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Chapter 11. Remoting

11.1. Summary of JBoss Remoting Features
11.2. JBoss Remoting Configuration in the JBoss Application Server

The main objective of JBoss Remoting is to provide a single API for most network based invocations and related service that uses pluggable transports and data marshallers. The JBoss Remoting API provides the ability for making synchronous and asynchronous remote calls, push and pull callbacks, and automatic discovery of remoting servers. The intention is to allow for the addition of different transports to fit different needs, yet still maintain the same API for making the remote invocations and only requiring configuration changes, not code changes, to fit these different needs.

JBossRemoting is a standalone project but is included in the recent releases of the JBoss Application Server including AS5 and can be run as a service within the container as well. This chapter discusses the JBoss Remoting service configurations.