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4.5.2. The org.jboss.naming.NamingAlias MBean

The NamingAlias MBean is a simple utility service that allows you to create an alias in the form of a JNDI javax.naming.LinkRef from one JNDI name to another. This is similar to a symbolic link in the UNIX file system. To an alias you add a configuration of the NamingAlias MBean to the jboss-service.xml configuration file. The configurable attributes of the NamingAlias service are as follows:

  • FromName : The location where the LinkRef is bound under JNDI.

  • ToName : The to name of the alias. This is the target name to which the LinkRef refers. The name is a URL, or a name to be resolved relative to the InitialContext, or if the first character of the name is a dot (.), the name is relative to the context in which the link is bound.

The following example provides a mapping of the JNDI name QueueConnectionFactory to the name ConnectionFactory.

<mbean code="org.jboss.naming.NamingAlias" 
    <attribute name="ToName">ConnectionFactory</attribute>
    <attribute name="FromName">QueueConnectionFactory</attribute>