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10.4. Property Editor Management

In JBoss, JavaBean property editors are used for reading data types from service files and for editing values in the JMX console. The java.bean.PropertyEditorManager class controls the java.bean.PropertyEditor instances in the system. The property editor manager can be managed in JBoss using the org.jboss.varia.property.PropertyEditorManagerService MBean. The property editor manager service is configured in deploy/properties-service.xml and supports the following attributes:

  • BootstrapEditors: This is a listing of property_editor_class=editor_value_type_class pairs defining the property editor to type mappings that should be preloaded into the property editor manager. The value type of this attribute is a string so that it may be set from a string without requiring a custom property editor.

  • Editors : This serves the same function as the BootstrapEditors attribute, but its type is java.util.Properties. Setting it from a string value in a service file requires a custom property editor for properties objects already be loaded. JBoss provides a suitable property editor.

  • EditorSearchPath : This attribute allows one to set the editor packages search path on the PropertyEditorManager editor packages search path. Since there can be only one search path, setting this value overrides the default search path established by JBoss. If you set this, make sure to add the JBoss search path, org.jboss.util.propertyeditor and org.jboss.mx.util.propertyeditor, to the front of the new search path.