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10.6. RMI Dynamic Class Loading

The WebService MBean provides dynamic class loading for RMI access to the server EJBs. The configurable attributes for the service are as follows:

  • Port : the WebService listening port number. A port of 0 will use any available port.

  • Host : Set the name of the public interface to use for the host portion of the RMI codebase URL.

  • BindAddress : the specific address the WebService listens on. This can be used on a multi-homed host for a java.net.ServerSocket that will only accept connect requests to one of its addresses.

  • Backlog : The maximum queue length for incoming connection indications (a request to connect) is set to the backlog parameter. If a connection indication arrives when the queue is full, the connection is refused.

  • DownloadServerClasses : A flag indicating if the server should attempt to download classes from thread context class loader when a request arrives that does not have a class loader key prefix.

  • DownloadResources : A flag indicating whether the server should attempt to download non-class file resources using the thread context class loader. Note that allowing this is generally a security risk as it allows access to server configuration files which may contain security settings.

  • ThreadPool : The org.jboss.util.threadpool.BasicThreadPoolMBean instance thread pool used for the class loading.