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3.1.1. Instrumentation Level

The instrumentation level defines the requirements for implementing JMX manageable resources. A JMX manageable resource can be virtually anything, including applications, service components, devices, and so on. The manageable resource exposes a Java object or wrapper that describes its manageable features, which makes the resource instrumented so that it can be managed by JMX-compliant applications.

The user provides the instrumentation of a given resource using one or more managed beans, or MBeans. There are four varieties of MBean implementations: standard, dynamic, model, and open. The differences between the various MBean types is discussed in Managed Beans or MBeans.

The instrumentation level also specifies a notification mechanism. The purpose of the notification mechanism is to allow MBeans to communicate changes with their environment. This is similar to the JavaBean property change notification mechanism, and can be used for attribute change notifications, state change notifications, and so on.