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4.6.1. ENC Usage Conventions

JNDI is used as the API for externalizing a great deal of information from an application component. The JNDI name that the application component uses to access the information is declared in the standard ejb-jar.xml deployment descriptor for EJB components, and the standard web.xml deployment descriptor for Web components. Several different types of information may be stored in and retrieved from JNDI including:

  • Environment entries as declared by the env-entry elements

  • EJB references as declared by ejb-ref and ejb-local-ref elements.

  • Resource manager connection factory references as declared by the resource-ref elements

  • Resource environment references as declared by the resource-env-ref elements

Each type of deployment descriptor element has a JNDI usage convention with regard to the name of the JNDI context under which the information is bound. Also, in addition to the standard deploymentdescriptor element, there is a JBoss server specific deployment descriptor element that maps the JNDI name as used by the application component to the deployment environment JNDI name.