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7.3.1. org.jboss.mq.il.jvm.JVMServerILService

The org.jboss.mq.il.jvm.JVMServerILService MBean is used to configure the JVM IL. The configurable attributes are as follows:

  • Invoker : This attribute specifies JMX ObjectName of the JMS entry point service that is used to pass incoming requests to the JMS server. This is not something you would typically change from the jboss.mq:service=Invoker setting unless you change the entry point service.

  • ConnectionFactoryJNDIRef : The JNDI location that this IL will bind a ConnectionFactory setup to use this IL.

  • XAConnectionFactoryJNDIRef : The JNDI location that this IL will bind a XAConnectionFactory setup to use this IL.

  • PingPeriod : How often, in milliseconds, the client should send a ping message to the server to validate that the connection is still valid. If this is set to zero, then no ping message will be sent. Since it is impossible for JVM IL connection to go bad, it is recommended that you keep this set to 0.