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12.6.1. Finder and select Declaration

The declaration of finders has not changed in CMP 2.0. Finders are still declared in the home interface (local or remote) of the entity. Finders defined on the local home interface do not throw a RemoteException. The following code declares the findBadDudes_ejbql finder on the GangsterHome interface. The ejbql suffix here is not required. It is simply a naming convention used here to differentiate the different types of query specifications we will be looking at.

public interface GangsterHome 
    extends EJBLocalHome 
    Collection findBadDudes_ejbql(int badness) throws FinderException;

Select methods are declared in the entity implementation class, and must be public and abstract just like CMP and CMR field abstract accessors and must throw a FinderException. The following code declares an select method:

public abstract class GangsterBean 
    implements EntityBean 
    public abstract Set ejbSelectBoss_ejbql(String name)
        throws FinderException;