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6.1.4. Heuristic exceptions

In a distributed environment communications failures can happen. If communication between the transaction manager and a recoverable resource is not possible for an extended period of time, the recoverable resource may decide to unilaterally commit or rollback changes done in the context of a transaction. Such a decision is called a heuristic decision. It is one of the worst errors that may happen in a transaction system, as it can lead to parts of the transaction being committed while other parts are rolled back, thus violating the atomicity property of transaction and possibly leading to data integrity corruption.

Because of the dangers of heuristic exceptions, a recoverable resource that makes a heuristic decision is required to maintain all information about the decision in stable storage until the transaction manager tells it to forget about the heuristic decision. The actual data about the heuristic decision that is saved in stable storage depends on the type of recoverable resource and is not standardized. The idea is that a system manager can look at the data, and possibly edit the resource to correct any data integrity problems.

There are several different kinds of heuristic exceptions defined by the JTA. The javax.transaction.HeuristicCommitException is thrown when a recoverable resource is asked to rollback to report that a heuristic decision was made and that all relevant updates have been committed. On the opposite end is the javax.transaction.HeuristicRollbackException, which is thrown by a recoverable resource when it is asked to commit to indicate that a heuristic decision was made and that all relevant updates have been rolled back.

The javax.transaction.HeuristicMixedException is the worst heuristic exception. It is thrown to indicate that parts of the transaction were committed, while other parts were rolled back. The transaction manager throws this exception when some recoverable resources did a heuristic commit, while other recoverable resources did a heuristic rollback.