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Chapter 18. Clustered JMS Services

18.1. High Availability Singleton Fail-over
18.1.1. Server Side Configuration
18.1.2. Non-MDB HA-JMS Clients
18.1.3. Load Balanced HA-JMS MDBs

JBoss AS 3.2.4 and above support high availability JMS (HA-JMS) services in the all server configuration. In the current production release of JBoss AS, the HA-JMS service is implemented as a clustered singleton fail-over service.


If you are willing to configure HA-JMS yourself, you can get it to work with earlier versions of JBoss AS. We have a customer who uses HA-JMS successfully in JBoss AS 3.0.7. Please contact JBoss support for more questions.


The HA-JMS in JBoss AS 4.2.2 and earlier is based on the JBoss MQ messaging product. In later releases of the AS, JBoss MQ will be replaced by the newer JBoss Messaging project. JBoss Messaging's clustering implementation is considerably different from HA-JMS based on JBoss MQ; most notably it is not based on a singleton service only running on one node in the cluster.