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1.1.1. What is the difference between the community JBoss Application Server and the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform?

The community JBoss Application Server is sponsored by JBoss/Red Hat. It allows innovation at a faster pace.

Fueled by the thriving JBoss.org community, JBoss Enterprise Middleware is a comprehensive middleware portfolio that combines and integrates the latest enterprise-ready features from JBoss.org into stable, enterprise-class platform distributions. JBoss Enterprise Middleware further mitigates risk with industry leading 24x7 support and multi-year update and maintenance policies. This means you have an enterprise-class open source option for application and service hosting, content aggregation, data federation, and service integration – for both development and production.

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is a rigorously tested, stable, supported platform for developing and deploying mission critical Java applications and services. It integrates code from the JBoss.org Application Server/Clustering project, JBoss Hibernate Framework, JBoss Seam Framework into a single distribution with a single patch and update stream, multi-year maintenance policy. JBoss EAP is certified on 17 operating systems, 5 Database Management systems and JVM combinations. It also integrates with JBoss Developer Studio and the JBoss Operations Network.

Key benefits of using JBoss:

More information about JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Enterprise middleware can be obtained on http://www.jboss.com/products/index and http://www.redhat.com/promo/migration/