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18.11. Clustered Singleton Services

A clustered singleton service (also known as an HA singleton) is a service that is deployed on multiple nodes in a cluster, but is providing its service on only one of the nodes. The node running the singleton service is typically called the master node. When the master fails or is shut down, another master is selected from the remaining nodes and the service is restarted on the new master. Thus, other than a brief interval when one master has stopped and another has yet to take over, the service is always being provided by one but only one node.

Topology after the Master Node fails

Figure 18.1. Topology after the Master Node fails

The JBoss Application Server (AS) provides support for a number of strategies for helping you deploy clustered singleton services. In this section we will explore the different strategies. All of the strategies are built on top of the HAPartition service described in the introduction. They rely on the HAPartition to provide notifications when different nodes in the cluster start and stop; based on those notifications each node in the cluster can independently (but consistently) determine if it is now the master node and needs to begin providing a service.