Security plugins have moved to the jbosssx cvs module.


Interface Summary
JaasSecurityDomainMBean The JaasSecurityDomainMBean adds support for KeyStore management.
JaasSecurityManagerServiceMBean The management interface for the JaasSecurityManagerService mbean.
SecurityConfigMBean A security configuration MBean.
SecurityManagerMBean An MBean interface that unifies the AuthenticationManager and RealmMapping security interfaces implemented by a security manager for a given domain and provides access to this functionality across all domains by including the security domain name as a method argument.

Class Summary
ConsolePassword Read a password from the stream.
DefaultLoginConfig An mbean that uses the default JAAS login configuration file based implementation.
FilePassword Read a password in opaque form to a file for use with the FilePassword accessor in conjunction with the JaasSecurityDomain {CLASS} format of the KeyStorePass attribute.
JaasSecurityDomain The JaasSecurityDomain is an extension of JaasSecurityManager that addes the notion of a KeyStore, and JSSE KeyManagerFactory and TrustManagerFactory for supporting SSL and other cryptographic use cases.
JaasSecurityManager The JaasSecurityManager is responsible both for authenticating credentials associated with principals and for role mapping.
JaasSecurityManager.DomainInfo The authentication cache object.
JaasSecurityManagerService This is a JMX service which manages JAAS based SecurityManagers.
JaasSecurityManagerService.DefaultCacheObjectFactory java:/timedCacheFactory ObjectFactory implementation
NoAccessSecurityManager An implementation of SubjectSecurityManager, RealmMapping does not allow any authentication and every check for a role fails.
NullSecurityManager An implementation of SubjectSecurityManager, RealmMapping that authenticates everyone and for which Principals have any role requested.
PBEUtils Ecrypt a password using the JaasSecurityDomain password Usage: PBEUtils salt count domain-password password salt : the Salt attribute from the JaasSecurityDomain count : the IterationCount attribute from the JaasSecurityDomain domain-password : the plaintext password that maps to the KeyStorePass attribute from the JaasSecurityDomain password : the plaintext password that should be encrypted with the JaasSecurityDomain password
SecurityConfig The SecurityConfigMBean implementation.
SecurityDomainContext An encapsulation of the JNDI security context infomation
TmpFilePassword Read a password from a file specified via the ctor and then overwrite the file contents with garbage, and then remove it.

Package Description

Security plugins have moved to the jbosssx cvs module.

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