About JBoss

JBoss Application Server was first released in 1999. JBoss Group was founded in 2001 in order to provide expert technical support services. JBoss Group was incorporated in 2004 as JBoss Inc.

Ownership: Employee owned and venture backed by Matrix Partners, Accel Partners, and Intel.

Coverage: North America and Europe on a direct basis. JBoss Inc. provides coverage worldwide via our extensive authorized partner network.

Mission Statement: JBoss Inc. will provide Middleware technology that offers the lowest cost of ownership via open source software licenses that are backed up by expert technical support services delivered by both JBoss Inc. and our authorized service partners. Our goal is to be the safe choice for enterprises and software providers alike.

Company Description: JBoss Inc. is in the business of providing superior technical support to our customers. By backing up our immensely popular open source Java products with technical support from the source, JBoss has become the New Safe Choice for Middleware. Customers such as Apple, Best Western, Borland, Computer Associates, HP, Iona, La Quinta, MCI, Mitre, Nielsen Media Research, Siemens, Sonic, SEMA, Unisys, WebMethods, and Wells Fargo have embraced the Professional Open Source model whereby no-cost open source products are supported by the core development team. By providing direct access to the core developers, we eliminate the run-around common from most commercial software providers.

Professional Open Source(tm) from JBoss Inc. offers you:

Benefits of Professional Open Source from JBoss Inc.: