About Professional Open Source

JBoss is the leader in the second generation of open source, which we have termed Professional Open Source. The Professional Open Source methodology is based on the following:

  1. We hire and pay experts in the open source community to write exceptional and innovative software full-time.

  2. We only use open source licenses that are friendly to end-user IT shops, independent software vendors, and the community itself.

  3. Directly and through our authorized partners, we deliver the best support services available; all of which are backed up by the real product experts.

  4. Unlike first generation open source providers, we control the direction and source code for our projects. We can ensure that all bug fixes and patches are rolled into future versions of our products.

  5. By combining enterprise-proven technology, business-friendly open source licenses, and world-class support services, we have made Professional Open Source the safe choice for end-user enterprises and independent software vendors alike.