This is the official JBoss Cache user guide. Along with its accompanying documents (an FAQ, a tutorial and a whole set of documents on PojoCache), this is freely available on the JBoss Cache documentation site.

When used, JBoss Cache refers to JBoss Cache Core, a tree-structured, clustered, transactional cache. Pojo Cache, also a part of the JBoss Cache distribution, is documented separately. (Pojo Cache is a cache that deals with Plain Old Java Objects, complete with object relationships, with the ability to cluster such pojos while maintaining their relationships. Please see the Pojo Cache documentation for more information about this.)

This book is targeted at both developers wishing to use JBoss Cache as a clustering and caching library in their codebase, as well as people who wish to "OEM" JBoss Cache by building on and extending its features. As such, this book is split into two major sections - one detailing the "User" API and the other going much deeper into specialist topics and the JBoss Cache architecture.

In general, a good knowledge of the Java programming language along with a strong appreciation and understanding of transactions and concurrent threads is necessary. No prior knowledge of JBoss Application Server is expected or required.

For further discussion, use the user forum linked on the JBoss Cache website. We also provide a mechanism for tracking bug reports and feature requests on the JBoss Cache JIRA issue tracker. If you are interested in the development of JBoss Cache or in translating this documentation into other languages, we'd love to hear from you. Please post a message on the user forum or contact us by using the JBoss Cache developer mailing list.

This book is specifically targeted at the JBoss Cache release of the same version number. It may not apply to older or newer releases of JBoss Cache. It is important that you use the documentation appropriate to the version of JBoss Cache you intend to use.