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5.5. POJO Cache MBeans

POJO Cache provides an MBean that can be registered with your environment's JMX server to allow access to the cache instance via JMX. This MBean is the org.jboss.cache.pojo.jmx.PojoCacheJmxWrapper. It is a StandardMBean, so it's MBean interface is org.jboss.cache.pojo.jmx.PojoCacheJmxWrapperMBean. This MBean can be used to:

  • Get a reference to the underlying PojoCache.
  • Invoke create/start/stop/destroy lifecycle operations on the underlying PojoCache.
  • See numerous details about the cache's configuration, and change those configuration items that can be changed when the cache has already been started.

See the PojoCacheJmxWrapperMBean javadoc for more details.

It is important to note a significant architectural difference between PojoCache 1.x and 2.x. In 1.x, the old TreeCacheAop class was itself an MBean, and essentially exposed the cache's entire API via JMX. In 2.x, JMX has been returned to it's fundamental role as a management layer. The PojoCache object itself is completely unaware of JMX; instead JMX functionality is added through a wrapper class designed for that purpose. Furthermore, the interface exposed through JMX has been limited to management functions; the general PojoCache API is no longer exposed through JMX. For example, it is no longer possible to invoke a cache attach or detach via the JMX interface.

If a PojoCacheJmxWrapper is registered, the wrapper also registers MBeans for the underlying plain Cache and for each interceptor configured in the cache's interceptor stack. These MBeans are used to capture and expose statistics related to cache operations; see the JBoss Cache User Guide for more. They are hierarchically associated with the PojoCacheJmxWrapper MBean and have service names that reflect this relationship. For example, a plain Cache associated with a jboss.cache:service=PojoCache will be accessible through an mbean named jboss.cache:service=PojoCache,cacheType=Cache. The replication interceptor MBean for that cache will be accessible through the mbean named jboss.cache:service=PojoCache,cacheType=Cache,cache-interceptor=ReplicationInterceptor.