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3.4. Object Inheritance

POJO Cache preserves the inheritance hierarchy of all attached objects. For example, if a Student extends Person with an additional field year, then once Student is put into the cache, all the class attributes of Person are mapped to the cache as well.

Following is a code snippet that illustrates how the inheritance behavior of a POJO is maintained. Again, no special configuration is needed.

import org.jboss.test.cache.test.standAloneAop.Student;

Student joe = new Student(); // Student extends Person class
joe.setName("Joe Black"); // This is base class attributes
joe.setAge(22); // This is also base class attributes
joe.setYear("Senior"); // This is Student class attribute

cache.attach("pojo/student/joe", joe);


joe = (Student)cache.attach("pojo/student/joe");
Person person = (Person)joe; // it will be correct here
joe.setYear("Junior"); // will be intercepted by the cache
joe.setName("Joe Black II"); // also intercepted by the cache