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6.5.2. Ant target for aopc

Below is the code snippet for the aopc Ant target. Running this target will do compile-time weaving of the POJO classes specified.

<taskdef name="aopc" classname="org.jboss.aop.ant.AopC" classpathref="aop.classpath"/>
<target name="aopc" depends="compile" description="Precompile aop class">
   <aopc compilerclasspathref="aop.classpath" verbose="true">
      <src path="${build}"/>
      <include name="org/jboss/cache/aop/test/**/*.class"/>
      <aoppath path="${output}/resources/pojocache-aop.xml"/>
      <classpath path="${build}"/>
      <classpath refid="lib.classpath"/>

Below is a snapshot of files that are generated when aopc is applied. Notice that couple extra classes have been generated because of aopc .

Classes generated after aopc

Figure 6.1. Classes generated after aopc