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About This Guide

What This Guide Contains

The Web Services Guide document contains descriptions on the principles behind Service Oriented Architecture and Enterprise Service Bus, as well as how they relate to JBossESB.


This guide is most relevant to engineers who are responsible for using JBossESB 4.3 GA installations and want to know how it relates to SOA and ESB principles.




This guide contains the following chapters:

Documentation Conventions

The following conventions are used in this guide:




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Emphasizes items of particular importance.


Text that represents programming code.

Function | Function

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( ) and |

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persistPolicy (Never | OnTimer | OnUpdate | NoMoreOftenThan)



A note highlights important supplemental information.

A caution highlights procedures or information that is necessary to avoid damage to equipment, damage to software, loss of data, or invalid test results.

Table 1 Formatting Conventions

Additional Documentation

In addition to this guide, the following guides are available in the JBossESB 4.3 GA documentation set:

  1. JBossESB 4.3 GA Trailblazer Guide: Provides guidance for using the trailblazer example.

  2. JBossESB 4.3 GA Programmer's Guide: Provides guidance for developing applications using JBossESB.

  3. JBossESB 4.3 GA Getting Started Guide: Provides a quick start reference to configuring and using the ESB.

  4. JBossESB 4.3 GA Administration Guide: How to manage JBossESB.

  5. JBossESB 4.3 GA Release Notes: Information on the differences between this release and previous releases.

  6. JBossESB 4.3 GA Services Guides: Various documents related to the services available with the ESB.

Contacting Us

Questions or comments about JBossESB 4.3 GA should be directed to our support team.

Web Services Support


JBossESB has a number of Webservice based components for exposing and invoking Webservice endpoints (i.e. SOAP onto the bus and SOAP off the bus) :

  1. SOAPProcessor: The SOAPProcessor action allows you to expose JBossWS 2.x and higher Webservice Endpoints through endpoints (listeners) running on the ESB (“SOAP onto the bus”). This allows you to use JBossESB to expose Webservice Endpoints (wrapper Webservices) for services that don't expose a Webservice Interface. JBossWS Webservice Endpoints exposed via this JBossESB action are “ESB Message Aware” and can be used to invoke Webservice Endpoints over any transport channel supported by the ESB.

  2. SOAPClient: The SOAPClient action allows you to make invocations on Webservice endpoints (“SOAP off the bus”).

For more details on these components and how to configure and use them, see the Message Action Guide.

You can also find more information within the wiki pages shipped with the JBossESB documentation.