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What this Book Covers

This book aims to help you become familiar with JBoss Microcontainer in order that you can use it to develop your own services or applications.

Part I 'Getting Started' introduces the technology and explains how it relates to Java development in general. It then goes on to cover a complete use-case so that you can quickly see how the microcontainer works in real-life.

Part II 'POJO Development' takes a look at the various methods you can use to construct POJOs and wire them together using injection together with other features.

Part III 'AOP Development' goes on to look at how you can add behaviour to your POJOs using aspects and modify the deployment/undeployment process with lifecycle callbacks.

Part IV 'Extending the Microcontainer' shows how you can write your own extensions by creating new dependencies and gives some examples of how this has already been done.