JBoss Messaging 1.4 User's Guide

Enterprise Messaging from JBoss

Table of Contents

1. About JBoss Messaging 1.4.2
2. Introduction
2.1. JBoss Messaging Features
2.2. Compatibility with JBossMQ
3. Download Software
3.1. SVN Access
4. JBoss Messaging Installation
4.1. Installing JBoss Messaging on JBoss AS 4.2
4.1.1. Automated Installation
4.1.2. Manual Installation
4.1.3. Extra steps to complete your installation
4.2. Starting the Server
4.3. Installation Validation
4.4. Accessing JBoss Messaging from a remote client - JBoss 4.2 and EAP 4.3
4.5. Migrating Messages from JBoss MQ to JBoss Messaging
4.5.1. Steps to Set up the bridge
5. Running the Examples
6. Configuration
6.1. Configuring the ServerPeer
6.1.1. ServerPeer attributes ServerPeerID DefaultQueueJNDIContext DefaultTopicJNDIContext PostOffice DefaultDLQ DefaultMaxDeliveryAttempts DefaultExpiryQueue DefaultRedeliveryDelay MessageCounterSamplePeriod FailoverStartTimeout FailoverCompleteTimeout DefaultMessageCounterHistoryDayLimit ClusterPullConnectionFactory DefaultPreserveOrdering RecoverDeliveriesTimeout EnableMessageCounters SuckerPassword StrictTCK Destinations MessageCounters MessageCountersStatistics SupportsFailover PersistenceManager JMSUserManager SecurityStore We now discuss the MBean operations of the ServerPeer MBean. DeployQueue UndeployQueue DestroyQueue DeployTopic UndeployTopic DestroyTopic ListMessageCountersHTML ResetAllMesageCounters ResetAllMesageCounters EnableMessageCounters DisableMessageCounters RetrievePreparedTransactions ShowPreparedTransactions
6.2. Changing the Database
6.3. Configuring the Post office
6.3.1. The post office has the following attributes DataSource SQLProperties CreateTablesOnStartup DetectDuplicates IDCacheSize PostOfficeName NodeIDView GroupName Clustered StateTimeout CastTimeout FailoverOnNodeLeave MaxConcurrentReplications ControlChannelConfig DataChannelConfig
6.4. Configuring the Persistence Manager
6.4.1. Important notes for Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server users
6.4.2. We now discuss the MBean attributes of the PersistenceManager MBean CreateTablesOnStartup UsingBatchUpdates UsingBinaryStream UsingTrailingByte SupportsBlobOnSelect SQLProperties MaxParams UseNDBFailoverStrategy
6.5. Configuring the JMS user manager
6.5.1. We now discuss the MBean attributes of the JMSUserManager MBean CreateTablesOnStartup UsingBatchUpdates SQLProperties
6.6. Configuring Destinations
6.6.1. Pre-configured destinations
6.6.2. Configuring queues We now discuss the attributes of the Queue MBean Name JNDIName DLQ ExpiryQueue RedeliveryDelay MaxDeliveryAttempts Destination Security Configuration Destination paging parameters CreatedProgrammatically MessageCount ScheduledMessageCount MaxSize Clustered MessageCounter MessageCounterStatistics MessageCounterHistoryDayLimit ConsumerCount We now discuss the MBean operations of the Queue MBean RemoveAllMessages ListAllMessages ListDurableMessages ListNonDurableMessages ResetMessageCounter ResetMessageCounterHistory ListMessageCounterAsHTML ListMessageCounterHistoryAsHTML
6.6.3. Configuring topics We now discuss the MBean attributes of the Topic MBean Name JNDIName DLQ ExpiryQueue RedeliveryDelay MaxDeliveryAttempts Destination Security Configuration Destination paging parameters CreatedProgrammatically MaxSize Clustered MessageCounterHistoryDayLimit MessageCounters AllMessageCount DurableMessageCount NonDurableMessageCount AllSubscriptionsCount DurableSubscriptionsCount NonDurableSubscriptionsCount We now discuss the MBean operations of the Topic MBean RemoveAllMessages ListAllSubscriptions ListDurableSubscriptions ListNonDurableSubscriptions ListAllSubscriptionsAsHTML ListDurableSubscriptionsAsHTML ListNonDurableSubscriptionsAsHTML ListAllMessages ListNonDurableMessages ListDurableMessages
6.7. Configuring Connection Factories
6.7.1. We now discuss the MBean attributes of the ConnectionFactory MBean ClientID JNDIBindings PrefetchSize SlowConsumers StrictTck SendAcksAsync Temporary queue paging parameters DupsOKBatchSize SupportsLoadBalancing SupportsFailover DisableRemotingChecks LoadBalancingFactory Connector
6.8. Configuring the remoting connector
6.9. ServiceBindingManager
7. JBoss Messaging Clustering Notes
7.1. Unique server peer id
7.2. Clustered destinations
7.3. Clustered durable subs
7.4. Clustered temporary destinations
7.5. Non clustered servers
7.6. Message ordering in the cluster
7.7. Idempotent operations
7.8. Clustered connection factories
8. JBoss Messaging XA Recovery Configuration
9. JBoss Messaging Message Bridge Configuration
9.1. Message bridge overview
9.2. Bridge deployment
9.3. Bridge configuration
9.3.1. SourceProviderLoader
9.3.2. TargetProviderLoader
9.3.3. SourceDestinationLookup
9.3.4. TargetDestinationLookup
9.3.5. SourceUsername
9.3.6. SourcePassword
9.3.7. TargetUsername
9.3.8. TargetPassword
9.3.9. QualityOfServiceMode
9.3.10. Selector
9.3.11. MaxBatchSize
9.3.12. MaxBatchTime
9.3.13. SubName
9.3.14. ClientID
9.3.15. FailureRetryInterval
9.3.16. MaxRetries
9.3.17. AddMessageIDInHeader