Chapter 11. Understanding the JBoss Messaging Wildcard Syntax

JBoss Messaging uses a specific syntax for representing wildcards in security settings, address settings and when creating consumers.

The syntax is similar to that used by AMQP.

A JBoss Messaging wildcard expression contains words delimited by the character '.' (full stop).

The special characters '#' and '*' also have special meaning and can take the place of a word.

The character '#' means 'match any sequence of zero or more words'.

The character '*' means 'match a single word'.

So the wildcard 'news.europe.#' would match 'news.europe', '', 'news.europe.politics', and 'news.europe.politics.regional' but would not match 'news.usa', '' nor 'entertainment'.

The wildcard 'news.*' would match 'news.europe', but not ''.

The wildcard 'news.*.sport' would match '' and also '', but not 'news.europe.politics'.