Chapter 10. Transporters - beaming POJOs

There are many ways in which to expose a remote interface to a java object. Some require a complex framework API based on a standard specification and some require new technologies like annotations and AOP. Each of these have their own benefits. JBoss Remoting transporters provide the same behavior via a simple API without the need for any of the newer technologies.

When boiled down, transporters take a plain old java object (POJO) and expose a remote proxy to it via JBoss Remoting. Dynamic proxies and reflection are used to make the typed method calls on that target POJO. Since JBoss Remoting is used, can select from a number of different network transports (i.e. rmi, http, socket, multiplex, etc.), including support for SSL. Even clustering features can be included. See the transporter samples in the next chapter for detailed examples of how to set up use of a transporter.