Chapter 12. Client programming model

The approach taken for the programming model on the client side is one based on a session based model. This means that it is expected that once a Client is created for a particular target server, it will be used exclusively to make calls on that server. This expectation dictates some of the behavior of the remoting client.

For example, if create a Client on the client side to make server invocations, including adding callback listeners, will have to use that same instance of Client to remove the callback listeners. This is because the Client creates a unique session id that it passes within the calls to the server. This id is used as part of the key for registering callback listeners on the server. If create a new Client instance and attempt to remove the callback listeners, a new session id will be passed to the server invoker, who will not recognize the callback listener to be removed.

See test case org.jboss.test.remoting.callback.push.MultipleCallbackServersTestCase .