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Part III. Encryption and Security

Table of Contents

11. Java Security Manager
12. Encrypting EJB connections with SSL
12.1. SSL Encryption overview
12.1.1. Key pairs and Certificates
12.2. Generate encryption keys and certificate
12.2.1. Generate a self-signed certificate with keytool
12.2.2. Configure a client to accept a self-signed server certificate
12.3. EJB3 Configuration
12.3.1. Create a secure remoting connector for EJB3
12.3.2. Configure EJB3 Beans for SSL Transport
12.4. EJB2 Configuration
13. Masking Passwords in XML Configuration
13.1. Password Masking Overview
13.2. Generate a key store and a masked password
13.3. Encrypt the key store password
13.4. Create password masks
13.5. Replace clear text passwords with their password masks
13.6. Changing the password masking defaults
14. Overriding SSL Configuration
15. Encrypting Data Source Passwords
15.1. Secured Identity
15.1.1. Encrypt the data source password
15.1.2. Create an application authentication policy with the encrypted password
15.1.3. Configure the data source to use the application authentication policy
15.2. Configured Identity with Password Based Encryption
16. Encrypting the Keystore Password in a Tomcat Connector
16.1. Medium Security Usecase
17. Using LdapExtLoginModule with JaasSecurityDomain
18. Firewalls
19. Secure Remote Password Protocol
19.1. Understanding the Algorithm
19.2. Configure Secure Remote Password Information
19.3. Secure Remote Password Example
20. Consoles and Invokers
20.1. JMX Console
20.2. Admin Console
20.3. HTTP Invokers
20.4. JMX Invoker
20.5. Remote Access to Services, Detached Invokers
20.5.1. A Detached Invoker Example, the MBeanServer Invoker Adaptor Service