We would like to thank all the developers that participate in the JBoss Portal project effort.


  1. Thomas Heute, for his help on the first-ever version of JBoss Portal and the corresponding documentation. ;-)
  2. Remy for his help with Tomcat configuration.
  3. Mark Fernandes and Paul Tamaro from Novell, for their hard work in supplying the portal project with usable and attractive themes and layouts.
  4. Kev "kevs3d" Roast for supplying us with two working portlets that integrate existing frameworks in to the portal: Sun JSF-RI and Spring MVC Portlet.
  5. Swarn "sdhaliwal" Dhaliwal for supplying us with the Struts-Bridge, that will allow for existing struts applications to work with the Portal.
  6. Julien Viet for creating a scalable and flexible architecture... and putting up with all of my crazy ideas.

Contributions of any kind are always welcome, you can contribute by providing ideas, filling bug reports, producing some code, designing a theme, writing some documentation, etc... To report a bug please use our Jira system .