JBoss Portal - Overview

Many IT organizations look to achieve a competitive advantage for the enterprise by improving business productivity and reducing costs. Today's top enterprises are realizing this goal by deploying enterprise portals within their IT infrastructure. Enterprise portals simplify access to information by providing a single source of interaction with corporate information. Although today?s packaged portal frameworks help enterprises launch portals more quickly, only JBoss Portal can deliver the benefits of a zero-cost open source license combined with a flexible and scalable underlying platform.

JBoss Portal provides an open source and standards-based environment for hosting and serving a portal's Web interface, publishing and managing its content, and customizing its experience. It is entirely standards-based and supports the JSR-168 portlet specification, which allows you to easily plug-in standards-compliant portlets to meet your specific portal needs. JBoss Portal is available through the business-friendly LGPL open source license and is supported by JBoss Inc. Professional Support and Consulting . JBoss support services are available to assist you in designing, developing, deploying, and ultimately managing your portal environment. JBoss Portal is currently developed by JBoss, Inc. developers, Novell developers, and community contributors.

The JBoss Portal framework and architecture includes the portal container and supports a wide range of features including standard portlets, single sign-on, clustering and internationalization. Portal themes and layouts are configurable. Fine-grained security administration down to portlet permissions rounds out the security model. JBoss Portal includes a rich content management system and message board support.

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The JBoss Portal team encourages you to use this guide to install and configure JBoss Portal. If you encounter any configuration issues or simply want to take part in our community, we would love to hear from you in our forums.