Handling Project Resources

Several of the buildmagic project components contain a "resources" directory. These folders contain various files (normally text files) that are downloaded to a matching "resources" directory in the thirdparty directory. This page describes how these artifacts can be handled by a maven build.

Deploying resources artifacts to the maven repository.

The resources should be deployed to the maven repository with a groupId that matches the componentId of the project with which they are associated. For example jboss/jbossweb/resources would map to a maven groupId of "jboss.jbossweb" with an artifactId "resources".

The maven-deploy goal will automatically attempt to deploy the resources jar using this convention if it finds a resources and/or bin directory located in the component directory. Note that the jar will include the directory "resources". This is needed when the jar is extracted so that the files are copied to the correct location.

Another option is to use the apache maven-deploy-plugin . The deploy-file goal can be used to deploy a single file to a maven repository.

Downloading resources with the build-thirdparty goal.

To download the resources jar and have it extracted to the correct location, the resources artifact should be listed as a dependency in the pom.


The resources jar will be downloaded by maven, and the build-thirdparty goal will extract the contents of the jar directly to the component directory (thirdparty/jboss/jbossweb).