Plugin documentation

Goals available:

jdocbook:resourcesThis mojo's responsibility within the plugin/packaging is to process resources defined by various inputs, moving them into a staging directory for use during XSLT processing. This is needed because the DocBook XSLT only allow defining a single img.src.path value; FOP only allows a single fontBaseDir value; etc.
jdocbook:bundleThis mojo's responsibility within the plugin/packaging is to bundle the individual formats into deployable formats. The desicion Note that some formats (PDF, e.g.) are already deployable.

After bundling, each bundle is then attached to the project

jdocbook:diffA plugin for generating a "translation diff" report across different translations of the same document. This is useful for the translators to know what changes exist between their translation and the master.

Eventually, there is a possibility this will not be needed as we move forward if it is decided to move to the xliff format for translations.

jdocbook:generateThis mojo's responsibility within the plugin/packaging is actually performing the DocBook transformations. At the highest level, it takes the source and process it via the specified DocBook XSLT to produce output.