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2.1. Overview

JBoss DNA is a repository and set of tools that make it easy to capture, version, analyze, and understand the fundamental building blocks of information. As models, service and process definitions, schemas, source code, and other artifacts are added to the repository, JBoss DNA "sequences" the makeup of these components and extracts their structure and interdependencies. The JBoss DNA web application allows end users to access, visualize, and edit this information in the terminology and structure they are familiar with. Such domain-specific solutions can be easily created with little or no programming.

JBoss DNA supports the Java Content Repository (JCR) standard and is able to provide a single integrated view of multiple repositories, external databases, services, and applications, ensuring that JBoss DNA has access to the latest and most reliable master data. For instance, DNA could provide in a single view valuable insight into the business processes and process-level services impacted by a change to in an intermediary web server operation defined via WSDL. Similarly, a user could quickly view and navigate the dependencies between the data source models and transformation information stored within a content repository, the code base stored within a version control system, and the database schemas used by an application.