Release Notes for ModeShape 1.0.0.Final

JCR Support

With version this release, ModeShape introduces support for all JCR Level 1 and Level 2 features and the optional locking and observation features. The release adds support for JCR referential integrity for REFERENCE properties, and a host of other fixes and improvements.

ModeShape's support for observation does have one caveat: when a subgraph is deleted, only the delete event for the top node in the subgraph is produced. This is more inline with the behavior outlined in the JSR-283 specification.

As with the 1.0.0.Beta1 release, this release of ModeShape does not support the optional SQL query feature as defined by JSR-170 and its JCR-SQL query language. Instead, ModeShape supports its replacement, the JCR-SQL2 query language defined by the JSR-283 specification. JCR-SQL2 is much improved and much more capable. For details, see the chapter on queries and search languages in the Reference Guide.

ModeShape does not yet support the optional versioning feature of JSR-170, but our goal is to support it in the next release.

The 1.0.0.Final release has not yet been certified to be fully compliant with JCR 1.0. The ModeShape project plans to focus on attaining this certification in the very near future.

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Writing Repository Content

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ModeShape 1.0.0.Final


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Thirdparty Change


  • [MODE-580] - Rebrand project to new name
  • [MODE-647] - Support backward compatibility with content using the JBoss DNA namespaces