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Chapter 40. Looking to the future

ModeShape 2.7.0.Final provides a very capable JCR implementation with powerful and unique features not matched by other implementations. Version 2.7.0.Final improves the JDBC driver, the JBoss AS deployment, and the RHQ monitoring plugin, along with numerous other fixes and improvements. Of course, the release also comes with quite a few bug fixes and improvements.

ModeShape now implements all of the required JCR 2.0 features:

and implements most of the optional JCR 2.0 features:

ModeShape supports the following query languages:

At this point, ModeShape passes virtually all of the JCR Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) tests, except for a few known issues with ModeShape as well as bugs in the TCK tests. As soon as these are fixed, we'll start the process of attaining JCR 2.0 certification for ModeShape.

What's next for ModeShape? The focus for the next release will be to focus on optimization and performance improvements. Other items on our longer term roadmap include a web user interface, Seam integration, and integration with even more kinds of information systems and repositories.

We're always looking for suggestions and contributors. If you'd like to get involved on ModeShape, the first step is joining the mailing lists or hopping into our chat room on IRC (at irc.freenode.net#jbossmodeshape). You can also download the code and get it building, and start looking for simple issues or bugs in our JIRA issue management system.

But if nothing else, please contact us and let us know how you're using ModeShape and what we can do to make it even better.

And, if you haven't already, check out our Getting Started guide, which has examples that you can build and run to see ModeShape in action.