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Chapter 28. Image Sequencer

The ImageMetadataSequencer sequencer extracts metadata from JPEG, GIF, BMP, PCX, PNG, IFF, RAS, PBM, PGM, PPM and PSD image files. This sequencer extracts the file format, image resolution, number of bits per pixel and optionally number of images, comments and physical resolution, and then writes this information into the repository using the following structure:

This structure could be extended in the future to add EXIF and IPTC metadata as child nodes. For example, EXIF metadata is structured as tags in directories, where the directories form something like namespaces, and which are used by different camera vendors to store custom metadata. This structure could be mapped with each directory (e.g. "EXIF" or "Nikon Makernote" or "IPTC") as the name of a child node, with the EXIF tags values stored as either properties or child nodes.

To use this sequencer, simply include the modeshape-sequencer-images JAR in your application and configure the JcrConfiguration to use this sequencer using something similar to:

JcrConfiguration config = ...
config.sequencer("Image Sequencer")
      .setDescription("Sequences image files to extract the characteristics of the image")