Release Notes for ModeShape 3.5.0.Final

This document outlines the changes that were made in ModeShape 3.5.0.Final. We hope you enjoy it!

What's new

3.5.0.Final provides a fast, elastic, distributed hierarchical database that clients work with via the standard JCR 2.0 (JSR-283) API. ModeShape 3 is a major upgrade over 2.x and offers significant improvements in performance and scalability, while retaining all of ModeShape 2's JCR-related features. ModeShape 3 has complete integration with JBoss EAP 6.1, allowing deployed components to simply lookup and use repositories managed by ModeShape's service.

This release addesses 14 issues, most of which are bug fixes in lots of areas. Several workspace clone and merge bugs were fixed, and we've remedied the missing optimization when not using JCR ACLs (see MODE-2004). If you're using 3.4 but not using ACLs, please be sure to upgrade to get this optimization. The JCR ACL feature is still considered a technology preview.

NOTE: If after upgrading the ACL feature doesn't seem function correctly, try creating and saving a new ACL. (If this ACL is not needed, you can immediately remove it and re-save.) This will ensure that the non-ACL optimization added in 3.5 is disabled and that ACL checks are performed correctly.

This release adds support for monitoring repositories via JMX, and also adds a "simple" reference that is similar to JCR weak references except no back-references are maintained (improving performance for nodes that are referenced by lots of reference properties). Since "simple" references are not defined in the JCR specification, you'll need to use the ModeShape-specific API to create simple references using the session's value factory.

As with 3.4.0.Final, this release includes a kit that can be installed into EAP 6.1.0.GA.


ModeShape 3.5.0.Final has these features:

All of the JCR 2.0 features previously supported in 2.x are currently supported:

Accessing the Repository


Reading Repository Content

Writing Repository Content

Query / Search

Importing/Exporting Repository Content

Node Types

Repository Metadata under System Node

Other JCR Optional Features

Content Storage Options

Binary Storage Options

ModeShape also has features that go beyond the JCR API:

ModeShape Federation Connectors

ModeShape Sequencers

ModeShape Deployment/Access Models

Other ModeShape features

Bug Fixes, Features, and other Issues

The following are the bugs, features and other issues that have been fixed in the 3.5.0.Final release:



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