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The Netty Project 3.2 User Guide

The Proven Approach to Rapid Network Application Development


1. The Problem
2. The Solution
1. Getting Started
1.1. Before Getting Started
1.2. Writing a Discard Server
1.3. Looking into the Received Data
1.4. Writing an Echo Server
1.5. Writing a Time Server
1.6. Writing a Time Client
1.7. Dealing with a Stream-based Transport
1.7.1. One Small Caveat of Socket Buffer
1.7.2. The First Solution
1.7.3. The Second Solution
1.8. Speaking in POJO instead of ChannelBuffer
1.9. Shutting Down Your Application
1.10. Summary
2. Architectural Overview
2.1. Rich Buffer Data Structure
2.2. Universal Asynchronous I/O API
2.3. Event Model based on the Interceptor Chain Pattern
2.4. Advanced Components for More Rapid Development
2.4.1. Codec framework
2.4.2. SSL / TLS Support
2.4.3. HTTP Implementation
2.4.4. Google Protocol Buffer Integration
2.5. Summary