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1.4.4. JSON

The JSON module is an optional module that supports the following specifications:
  • JWT, JSON Web Token
  • JWS, JSON Web Signature
  • JWK, JSON Web Key
  • JWE, JSON Web Encryption
It provides an easy and type-safe API from where you can represent your own security tokens based on a JSON format. Or even consume security tokens based on these standards. This module has very minimal dependencies and is entirely based on JSR-353, Java API for JSON Processing.
This module is provided by the following library:
  • picketlink-json.jar
Documentation is being prepared. For now, you can check some useful test cases that demonstrate how to use the API. For more details, take a look at


This functionality is under development. The API is partially done, specially for JWT and JWS usages. Feedback and contributions are very welcome.