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9.2.5. Mapping Groups to different contexts

Sometimes may be useful to map a specific group to a specific context or DN.
The following configuration maps the group with path /QA Group to ou=QA,ou=Groups,dc=jboss,dc=org
  .attribute("name", CN, true)
  .readOnlyAttribute("createdDate", CREATE_TIMESTAMP)
  .parentMapping("QA Group", "ou=QA,ou=Groups,dc=jboss,dc=org")
With this configuration you can have groups with the same name, but with different paths.
IdentityManager identityManager = getIdentityManager();
Group managers = new SimpleGroup("managers");      

identityManager.add(managers); // group's path is /manager 
Group qaGroup = identityManager.getGroup("QA Group");        
Group managersQA = new SimpleGroup("managers", qaGroup);

// the QA Group is mapped to a different DN.
Group qaManagerGroup = identityManager.add(managersQA); // group's path is /QA Group/managers