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3.5.3. The @InheritsPrivileges Annotation

This annotation is used to configure privilege inheritence chains, and may either be applied to an IdentityType property of an IdentityType class, or to an IdentityType property of a Relationship.
When defined to an IdentityType property, it means instances inherit all privileges of the instance stored in the property annotated with @InheritsPrivileges. In the example below, childs groups inherit all privileges from their parents.
public class Group extends AbstractIdentityType {

    public Group getParentGroup() {
        return this.parentGroup;

The same thing can be done for relationships, if you want to promote inheritance considering a hierarchy of an IdentityType.
public class Grant extends AbstractAttributedType implements Relationship {

    public IdentityType getAssignee() {
        return this.assignee;

In this case, if this property is related with a Group instance, all childs of this group inherit the roles granted to it.