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14.5.10. Metadata Support

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It is possible to use different Configuration Providers at the IDP and SP. The configuration providers will then be the sole configuration leaders (instead of picketlink.xml) or provide additional configuration.
PicketLink SAML Metadata Support is provided and configured by the following configuration providers implementations:
Provider Type
org.picketlink. identity.federation. web.config. IDPMetadataConfigurationProvider
For Identity Providers
org.picketlink. identity.federation. web.config. SPPostMetadataConfigurationProvider
For Service Providers using HTTP-POST Binding
org.picketlink.identity. federation.web. config.SPRedirectMetadataConfigurationProvider
For Service Providers using HTTP-REDIRECT Binding
These providers allows you to define some additional configuration to your IDP or SP using a SAML Metadata XML Schema instance, merging them with the ones provided in your WEB-INF/picketlink.xml .