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Chapter 29. GZIP Compression/Decompression

Resteasy has automatic GZIP decompression support. If the client framework or a JAX-RS service receives a messagy body with a Content-Encoding of "gzip", it will automatically decompress it. The client framework automatically sets the Accept-Encoding header to be "gzip, deflate". So you do not have to set this header yourself.

Resteasy also supports automatic compression. If the client framework is sending a request or the server is sending a response with the Content-Encoding header set to "gzip", Resteasy will do the compression. So that you do not have to set the Content-Encoding header directly, you can use the @org.jboss.resteasy.annotation.GZIP annotation.

public interface MyProxy {

   public void put(@GZIP Order order);

In the above example, we tag the outgoing message body, order, to be gzip compressed. You can use the same annotation to tag server responses

public class MyService {

   public String getData() {...}