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Chapter 12. @Cache, @NoCache, and CacheControl

Resteasy provides an extension to JAX-RS that allows you to automatically set Cache-Control headers on a successful GET request. It can only be used on @GET annotated methods. A successful @GET request is any request that returns 200 OK response.

package org.jboss.resteasy.annotations.cache;

public @interface Cache
   int maxAge() default -1;
   int sMaxAge() default -1;
   boolean noStore() default false;
   boolean noTransform() default false;
   boolean mustRevalidate() default false;
   boolean proxyRevalidate() default false;
   boolean isPrivate() default false;

public @interface NoCache
   String[] fields() default {};


While @Cache builds a complex Cache-Control header, @NoCache is a simplified notation to say that you don't want anything cached i.e. Cache-Control: nocache.

These annotations can be put on the resource class or interface and specifies a default cache value for each @GET resource method. Or they can be put individually on each @GET resource method.