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Chapter 41. Guice 2.0 Integration

RESTEasy has some simple integration with Guice 2.0. RESTEasy will scan the binding types for a Guice Module for @Path and @Provider annotations. It will register these bindings with RESTEasy. The guice-hello project that comes in the RESTEasy examples/ directory gives a nice example of this.

public class HelloResource
   public String hello(@PathParam("name") final String name) {
      return "Hello " + name;

First you start off by specifying a JAX-RS resource class. The HelloResource is just that. Next you create a Guice Module class that defines all your bindings:

import com.google.inject.Module;
import com.google.inject.Binder;

public class HelloModule implements Module
    public void configure(final Binder binder)

You put all these classes somewhere within your WAR WEB-INF/classes or in a JAR within WEB-INF/lib. Then you need to create your web.xml file. You need to use the GuiceResteasyBootstrapServletContextListener as follows

    <display-name>Guice Hello</display-name>






GuiceResteasyBootstrapServletContextListener is a subclass of ResteasyBootstrap, so you can use any other RESTEasy configuration option within your web.xml file. Also notice that there is a resteasy.guice.modules context-param. This can take a comma delimited list of class names that are Guice Modules.